Sketches of Old Rowan for Sale

The Salisbury Branch of the American Association of University Women has compiled a collection of sketches and accompanying stories of historic buildings in Rowan County, NC in Sketches of Old Rowan. Sketches of Old Rowan has gone through 4 printings, selling over 4,000 copies since 1960.

The sketches and stories included in this collection appeared from time to time in the Salisbury Post, (drawings by Aubrey Atkinson and stories by George Raynor).

We also have a set of 10 plain notecards with some of the sketches.

We are selling the Sketches of Old Rowan and the Notecards.

Please contact Eileen Hanson Kelly if interested:

sketches of old rowansketches-9984 sketches-9982 sketches of Old Rowanblank notecards, sketches of old rowan, set of 10, 2 of each sketch