Membership & Annual Dues

Annual Dues for Salisbury branch members are $85, of which national dues are $49, state dues are $11, and local dues are $25.  AAUW is a non-profit organization, and $46 is tax deductible as a charitable donation. Dues include a subscription to The Tar Heel News and AAUW Outlook Magazine.

Membership is open to anyone holding an associate or equivalent (RN) baccalaureate, or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Student affiliation ($17 National dues) is open to anyone who does not already hold an undergraduate degree and is enrolled in a two or four year regionally accredited educational institution.  Dues are $17 of which $16 is tax deductible. Local dues are $5 for undergraduates and $10 for graduate students.

College/University Partner membership is open to regionally accredited educational institutions, including two year or community colleges. All students are immediately eligible for free e-student affiliate status and other AAUW benefits.

Contact Ruby Walker (Membership VP) or Eileen Hanson-Kelly (Treasurer) for more information or join below!

  • Ruby Walker | (704) 637-6940
  • Eileen Hanson-Kelly | (704) 855-8353

AAUW Salisbury - Membership Application